Alone Poem – I Feel Bored – Poem on Alone

Alone Poem – Poem on Alone

Alone Poem

I feel bored
This what I’m feeling
In every moment
In my miserable life
That I have to live it
Yes this my feelings
I feel bored
From my sadness
From my crying
In my long loneliness
I still crying since that bad day
From a long time
When I’m in my young beginning
When I carried you my young love
Between my hands
Cold without moving
The soul warmth left your body.

I looked with sad smile
To your lovely beauty
You were as beautiful
Young angel sleeping
I waited you with
My heart and soul crying
To you open your eyes
Smile and talk to me
But you didn’t
I looked to you with
My hopes that you will do it
Talking to myself
The sky will not take you away
But you didn’t come back.

I cried I shouted to the sky
To don’t take you from me
But the sky didn’t reply
I asked her to take me
Instead of you my love
To give you my soul my heart
But again sky didn’t reply
I asked her in my begging
To take me with you
To reborn together
To continue with our love
But the sky didn’t reply again
The destiny so cruel merciless
I waited the death to take me
Every day since that sad day
But the death cruel merciless too.

I complete my life with my crying
Many times I stopped in my way
I hear your voice call me
But I cry when I find
What I hear just love imaginations
Many many long nights without sleep
I awake search my house rooms
With my hope to find you
But I cry when I didn’t find you
Many many mornings
I hope that I’ll find you.

Waiting me prepared
The breakfast and the coffee
To have it together as two lovers
But I cry when this didn’t happen
Then I go work without eat or drink
And I spend my days without dinner
And in the evening I cry when
I didn’t find you waiting me
And then my supper with my crying
When I didn’t find you beside me
And I afraid I’ll cry even after my death.

I know the souls meet together again
But I know by my refusing to accept
Your leaving away I disobey the sky
And the hell fires waiting me
To hug me by the slowly torment
As my loosing you my love angel
How I can believe that I’ll meet you
You are lovely young angel
Flying in the sky of the heaven
And I’m in my hell fires torment
I afraid that no sky mercy to me
And I’ll feel bored from my crying
Without stop to the forever end.

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