Angelic Poetry – Unfortunately You Changed – Love Poem

Angelic Poetry – Love Poem

Angelic Poetry

Unfortunately You changed
You are not the same
All of you changed
Your angelic kindness
Your angelic goodness
As if you another one
Not the girl that I met
In the beginning
The lovely good
By her sweetness
Makes me feel she is
My young angel
Who makes me feel.

The happiness good
Because you chose me
To be the elder good
The honest loyal
The one who you want
Listen to your complaint
About the bad things
Which makes you
Sad or tired in your life
I do my best for you
I listened I advised
Even when I’m tired
When I’ll go to sleep
Or in the morning
When I just awake
When I had no time.

Preparing myself to go work
And to can be with you
I was awoke early
Because I was afraid
That you want me
And you can’t find me
I felt as if must found for you
You are my responsibility
As if this my mission
That my God and his angels
And you want me to do
I was the big brother
The elder friend
The respected listener
Your guard angel
I feel you my bless
The sky gift for me
The one who are not as anyone
And I’m still as I’m
With no change
From the beginning to now
The good honest loyal
But now unfortunately
As you made me happy.

You made me sad
By your change
Going so far as stranger
From who you were
My young angel
The nice lovely kind
But it seems everything change
Even the angel change
Unfortunately you changed.

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