Appreciate Poetry – I Appreciate You – English Poetry

Appreciate Poetry – English Poetry

Appreciate Poetry

Thanks so much
With my appreciation to you
You my dear friend
Came to my life
I was not know you
I never met you
I never saw you
But you support me
Helped me stopped with me
I didn’t ask you why
Because I know that
You are my dear friend
As I’m the humble shadow
As many good people.

Help without ask
Because this what they are
Help who want help
Even they don’t know them
But you gave me the chance
To be who I’m now
You believed in my poetic talent
You was her wings to go on
You the hope when you said hopefully
And I promised you will be satisfied.

I’ll do all my best you will not regret
And now as I’m I hope that
I fulfilled my promise to you
And my thanks to you all my life
With every like to my poetic works
And also my thanks my appreciation
To everyone read it like it
This another help inspired me
To keep continue don’t stop
And you as before with me
In my every poetic works
I’ll remember my promise to you
To inspire me in my poetic journey
And I’ll continue say inside
Thank you I appreciate you.

My poetic works my life
My family My friends
My wife My children’s
My poetic legacy by the time
My soul poetic expression
My mind poetic words
My heart poetic talk
I share it with the world
With my thanks to my God
That he gave me what I’m having
My poetic talent my sky blessing
My angels gift illuminate my thoughts
And at the end as many before
Thank you I appreciate you.

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