Beautiful Young Lady Poem – In My Love Imagination

Beautiful Young Lady Poem – Poem on Love

Beautiful Young Lady Poem

I was in my way
In my misery sad life
I saw that beautiful young
Who I didn’t see her beautiful
From a long time
I tried to continue
But I can’t
I stopped
I turned look at her
I saw her stopped
looked at me
I felt her feelings as mine
I felt that I’m.

Many pieces
Few of it want
To stay where I’m standing
And many many want
To go where she is
And talk to her
Tell her about my missing
To her lovely exist
How much I love her
How much I want her
To be with me
In every moment of the life
With my passion emotions
I felt that she feels the same
She wants to threw herself
On me to forget her sadness
Because she is away from me
Hug me by her love to me
But this can’t be happen.

I can’t allow it I can’t accept it
I’m more bigger than her
I can’t tell her
She my soul mate
That I lost from long time
And came so too late
She is young
And I’m more close
To my new reborn
Then I completed my way
As I was alone always
But I’m not alone
With my love imagination
Her lovely shadow with me
In every step in my life
See her talk to her
Breath eat Drink Go Come.

She is in all this as I’m
Many love dreams together
There I can let her know
How much great my love feelings
To only her my young love
But I must not let her know
This will be unfair
To her that young angel
No need to she suffer
As I’m suffering without hope
To be with love together
No need to she blame herself
For my torment in my love her
No need to feel it in her love me.

I’ll continue alone as always
Meet her be with her
My young angel love
In my love imagination
There we can be together
With love passions
With hug missing
With souls adore language
No brain minds stop us
Until we can be together in real
But all what happen
In my old real now
I’ll continue my life way alone
Talking to her shadow in love
Until I meet her again
With the emotions dreams
In my love imagination.

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