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Monsoon Poetry – Ah! Monsoon – Poem on Monsoon

Monsoon Poetry – Ah! Monsoon Monsoon Poetry Winds race swiftly, Soil’s scent trickles by, Rodents hurry in burrows, Houses infested by flies. Ah! Monsoon has come. Clouds go stygian, A chilly wind strikes, Heat’s beat off, The heavens splashes. Ah! Monsoon has come. The skies thunder, The skies shatter, Drops down the rain, I hear

Exam Time – Poem on Exam – Poem on Examination

Exam Time – Poem on Exam Exam Time A week remains, Exams come near, Increases my pressure, Every student fear. Empty classes, Crowded with pupils, Full attendance, Widened my pupils. Whole class quiet, A rare surprise, The vacant rooms have got, The silence they were deprived. Am asked the syllabus, The books to refer, Shocked