Dear Santa Poem – Christmas Poem – English Poetry

Dear Santa Poem – Christmas Poem

Dear Santa Poem,
I would like to narrate a story,
One of my childhood’s fantasy ,
An old unsolved mystery.

A toddler I was,
An innocent meek being,
Waiting for Christmas,
My attitude very keen.

Finally it arrived,
The 24th evening at sight,
With the yearly suspense,
Every kid’s most awaited night.

Quickly washed my feet,
Made the years last wish,
Got into my bed,
Dozed off in my soft warm quilt.

I was deep in sleep,
Lost in sweet toy dreams,
Wondering about presents,
That Santa Claus would give.

Next morning I woke up,
An expression amazed,
Astonished by huge gift boxes,
Just near my bed.

Without even brushing,
I opened those gifts,
Filled with suspense,
Unwinding the packing knits.

Heart full with contentment,
Thoughts being tense,
“What will Santa give next x-mas?”,
Was the only suspense!!

So dear Santa,
Now I am almost eighteen,
No sound of your laughter ,
Nor any gifts can be seen.

Oh fluffy Santa,
I still believe you are real,
I am eagerly waiting ,
For that classic old marvel.

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