Defenders Poem – Poem on Bravery – Poem on Courage in English

Defenders Poem – A Poem on Courage

Defenders Poem

All through the ages,
They have been there;
They might never receive their wages,
But the people’s burdens they must bear;
They are the defenders we know,
They are the people’s known heroes.

Wars have been waged time and again,
Battles have been fought here and there,
A huge loss today, then victory tomorrow,
These cursed sheep slaughtered here and there;
They are the defenders we see,
Their victories make the people free.

They are loved, they are hated
They are needed, they are loathed,
For the people they live, they die
But soon forgotten after the cries;
They are the defenders of the land,
Our victory is in their hands.

Africa, Latin America, India, et al
We’re colonised by just a few,
Because their defenders were very weak;
Even now they still are, and so we must bow.
But where are the defenders we seek?
For us we want them to speak.

Rome colonised Europe and the then world
in the hay days of her defenders,
But alas, today she is only a capital where she now gropes,
While her ex-children daily grow stronger.
But what happened to those fierce Roman defenders?
This question desires satisfying answers.

Germany caused the bloodiest war ever,
America brags here and there we see,
Britain, Russia, China, France, even terrorists too
North Korea even proves stubborn to them all we hear;
But we know why they have their voice,
But alas, Africans are still their boys!