Demon Soul – Beauty Poetry – Poem on Humanity And Kindness

Demon Soul – Poem on Humanity And Kindness

Demon Soul

After I saw,
Your charming beauty,
Your tempting look,
Your pretty bright smile,
Many hot bad feelings,
Is founded inside me,
I jealous to who you are,
Who can be with you,
Who can touch you,
Even the air I jealous,
You have killed,
This angel,
And made,
The demons soul free,
I will be,
Demon of the lust,
of the desires,
To your beautiful shadow,
In the temple,
Of the unbridled imagination,
Imagine my love actions,
With you and your reaction,
And don’t blame me,
For what I said,
About what I’m feeling,
How I’m imagining you,
Your guilt all,
this feelings sense,
You who killed this angel,
You who liberated,
The demon soul.

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