Disappointment Poem – I Know Who You Are – Poem on Girl

Disappointment Poem – Poem on Girl

Disappointment Poem

I know who you are
The devil as wicked girl
Came to my life
To play the evil games
I know who you are
The devil wear
The angel mask
Fake goddess behind her evil
Fake kind behind her foxiness
The deceit behind her lying.

The devil with many slag
With many many sins
I know who you are
And to where your future
The evil devil girl as you
Will be tortured burned
In the hell fires
And you can’t take me
With you to your hell
I have sky protection
My young angel love
The real good angel
The real my half soul
The real my half mate.

Pray to me from the heaven
And because she has
The real angel goodness
Flying by the angels wings
God accept her love pray
The angels surrounding me
Protecting me from devil girl
As you appear as fake angel
You can’t deceit anymore
My real love help me
My young angel love wait me
To fly together in love heaven
And you the evil devil girl
Will be in your hell torment
And you can’t with you
Took me because
I know who you are.

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