I don’t Love You Poem – I Do Not Blame You – Anger Poem

I don’t Love You Poem – Anger Poem

I don’t Love You Poem

I don’t blame you
Don’t blame yourself
I don’t want your sympathy
Don’t say sorry
If you hurt me
Not your fault
You lovely good cute
I feel you as angel
The guilt mine
The feelings mine
The heart mine
I know from the beginning.

My love to you without hope
I never thought that
You will feel my feelings
I never wait this happens
Or I never want
You know my love to you
My heart guilt all what happen
My heart love who will not love him
My heart want who will not want him
My heart following who escape from him
And my sorrows on me.

I’m feeling my heart pains
My soul crying with
His sadness suffering in love you
I know I have no hope to be with you
As I know you my soul mate
In far away in my destiny lines
My heart can’t stop loving you
My soul can’t stop missing you
The half soul you even you so far
I’ll live with my love to you
I’ll imagine you with me
By your lovely shadow
My angel love
I’ll wait meeting you in next life
And remember who I can’t stop love
I don’t blame you
Don’t blame yourself.

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