Exam Time – Poem on Exam – Poem on Examination

Exam Time – Poem on Exam

Exam Time

A week remains,
Exams come near,
Increases my pressure,
Every student fear.

Empty classes,
Crowded with pupils,
Full attendance,
Widened my pupils.

Whole class quiet,
A rare surprise,
The vacant rooms have got,
The silence they were deprived.

Am asked the syllabus,
The books to refer,
Shocked at these questions,
The students did prefer.

Fixed on the blackboard,
Many eyes at sight,
Is it a reality,
Or am I tight.

Free lecture requests,
No more herd,
Extra class,
Demand the backbenchers.

Several doubts I clear,
In the crucial week,
Wonder where in the year,
Their studious mind went.

Many students I see,
Hungry for question bank,
The value of books,
At the highest rank.

My handwritten notes,
In custody of retards,
Poor lifeless creatures,
Reduced to Mini-Xerox.

Campus abandoned,
Library the best buddy,
Folks doing something rarely,
A bit of serious study.

Phones on full volume,
Chit chat goes on,
Disturbing the Library’s decorum,
The exam hymn goes on.

My number in each phone,
Lot of respect I get,
Right after the results,
I face your frets.

Frequent message pings,
Disrupt my sleep,
Replying infinite queries,
The inner teacher weeps.

Wish they all succeed,
These selfish mean preachers,
Suffers with you the exam wrath,
Your fateful teacher.

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