Forget Poem – Do Not Forget It – Poem on Loneliness

Forget Poem – Poem on Loneliness

Forget Poem

I was alone
In the cold dark
Waiting my new reborn
I was looking to that
Point of light which
Became bigger and bigger
Calling me come to hug you
By my warmth
Leave the death could
Come to my lights
Leave the cold dark.

I’m the life
Your new exist reborn
Your new dreams
Your new hopes
Come to me come
My warmth will be
From now on
In your soul give it
To your heart
Pumping it in your ruins
As the soul spread
In your body
Your destiny lines
Determine by it
How you will live
You will feel
My warmth light
Part from the great.

You will feel his love
The good in your inside
The light that will help you
To fight your dark thoughts
Your cold black feelings
This your new exam
Pass it with my hot
Great good blessing
With my love warmth
And don’t forget remember
As you feel your dark
Instincts push you to disobey
Remember there is light
The goodness torch in you
Will illuminate your feelings
Will help you to obey.

Your goodness inside
And now go on
God bless you always
Be happy and blessed
Every time from your living
This my blessing wishes to you
Will continue with you
And you can make it exist
Be away from your dark
Look always to your light
The great light in you
Remember this don’t forget it.

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