Forgive Me Poem – Poem on Feelings – Poem on Myself English

Forgive Me Poem – Poem on Feelings

Forgive Me Poem

Again light of the hope
Turned off unfortunately
Left me alone
As I’m always
In my dark long loneliness
Again you come and go
As the sun in cold winter day
Appears to Illuminate
The black cloudy sky
Makes me feel the warmth
For a so little time
To be covered again
By the heavy dark clouds
And disappears again
For a long long time
With my feeling the cold
Shakes all my body.

So you my dear
Appear for a little bit
And disappear again for
A long long time
The far away cover you
To leave me alone
With your lovely remember
In my sadness torment
Hurt my heart pains my soul
Why you come and go
Why you appear and disappear
Where your heart mercy
Where your soul sympathy
On my heart on my soul
In their love to you torment
Why you don’t let me
Forget that I know you.

That I met you that
I found you who I want
Why you as my night star
Is swallowed by the dark
Why you as moon
Always insists to hide
Leaving me in long dark nights
I know I can’t forget you
I’m who is not having mercy
On my heart on my soul
In their love to you suffering
I know I lied on you
I know I didn’t have the courage
To tell you how much
I love you I adore you
And you that lovely girl
As beautiful kind angel.

How much I remember her
In my innocent love feelings
To her who I’m so coward lover
To tell her I love her
To tell her I’m feeling that
She is my heart love my soul adore
My half soul my soul mate
Forgive you or Forgive me
This what I can’t know
All I know most of the guilt mine
I love you I can’t tell you
I can’t stop loving you
I remember you I can’t forget you.

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