Kidnapped Poem – Crime Poem – Poem About Life Lessons

Kidnapped Poem – Crime Poem

Kidnapped Poem

On the way home I was,
On the vacant streets,
A van slides in front of me,
A guy nabs me in.

Unconscious I lay at the back,
Chloroform dwelled in me,
The van drives to a shack,
There they kept me.

Tied up in a glum room,
I am stranded in a corner,
A rag stuffed in my mouth,
Knees tightly tied,
Very uncomfortable I was.

Tears roll down my eyes,
Dripping on the rough floor,
Regretfully I sigh,
For been trapped here.

Locked up in a dark room,
No sight of light I see,
Only darkness around,
All gloominess around me.

Body wearied off,
A stinging pain in my head,
Denied food and water,
I lay weak and strength less.

Sleep had left me,
I stayed awake all time,
Waiting for someone to let me out,
Of this torture hive.

The still door swings apart,
Light splashes on my face,
A shadow enters in,
He gets some food on a plate.

There he opens my muzzle,
He stuffs some morsels in,
Waters force-fed to me ,
Once again the rag is stuffed in.

The shadow goes away,
Closes again the door,
I lay helpless there,
Staring at the floor.

Why am I trapped here?
What is my mistake,
What will someone get,
Keeping my soul at stake.

Several hours pass by,
I don’t know if they,
Which minute, which second passes,
I cannot tell it.

The phone outside rings,
Loud argument I hear,
The voices out end,
A strange calmness I sense.

Few minutes later,
The doors sway apart,
That black shadow again,
In a rage it came.

Stomping the ground,
The rouge came near me,
He pulled my head up,
A rusty revolver he points at me,

My feared eyes shut down,
I see death in front of me,
Waiting to embrace me,
In its lone arms.

There the rouge says,
“Toiled but got no money”,
In a sly merciless voice he says,
“No right to live, sonny”.

The gun barrel fires,
The death pellet enters my forehead,
A last glimpse of life I see,
As I get near death.

Blood flows of the wound,
My life quickly drains,
The soul walks out my body,
And there I lie lifelessly.

Sufferings faded away,
My story dreadfully ended,
My parents precious belonging snatched away,
All because I was kidnapped.

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