Lost Hope Poem – I Am Waiting His Reply – Poem on Hope Faith

Lost Hope Poem – Poem on Hope and Faith

Lost Hope Poem

I lost hope
From a long time
To be with my love
Who left me
When we were young
In sadness loneliness
With my love memories
I live in my miserable life
I lost my faith
After I lost my young angel
But my believe
The life circle
No beginning No end
The souls meet again
I know we reborn
After we die to die again.

I know as I’m big now
She is young angel again
I feel that my reborn again
Will be so soon
And because the true love
Not unfair selfish
I can’t ask the destiny
Makes her die
To be reborn
To be together
With love in the next life
From the beginning
To the no end
With no separation
So because I know
The destiny angry cruel
Will not exist my pray
Because I know that
The lord so angry
From my love feelings
In disobey I refuse to accept
My sad love departure
So to satisfy the lord destiny.

I went to the hell guard
I asked him
To make me favor
To put me
After I will just reborn
In his big refrigerator
Which he put in it
The disobey souls
Until the doomsday
So when my angel love reborn
I awake from my rest
In the freeze
Cool my hot emotions
So I can have new beginning
With my angel love again
I hope the hell guard
Accept my join request
To his hell freezer
I’m waiting his reply.

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