Love Is Blind Poem – Love Blind Deaf Dumb – Love Poem

Love Is Blind Poem – Unconditional Love Poem

Love Is Blind Poem

Love the true love
Blind Deaf Dumb
Feelings Without respect
If you want to lose
Who you love
Tell how much your love
Your care and appreciation
To who you think your angel love
And then your angel
Will fly by the devil wings
Its white will change to black
And hideaway in the arrogant
In ego ignore your existing
She will change from angel love
To arrogant ego devil ignorant
She will go away without respect
To your love feelings to her
And then you will know
In so big disappointed.

Tears your heart
Rupture your soul
And no tears enough
Even your tears your blood soul
You will know by the hard way
That the love not more
Than your big life lies
Makes you can’t see
The second face to your love
Her devil face besides
Her angelic face
That your stupid feelings
Prevent you see it in foolish
And then you will know
You will be sure as I’m
True Love Blind Deaf Dumb.

You want to lose your respect
Follow your stupid love feelings
About who you think Angel
And you will find she hide
As fake angel behind her lies
Her real arrogant ego devil
You will know that all what
You know from her as
Her lovely cute kind
Her angelic goodness
Her care for you
Not more than big lies
And you were
In illusion thoughts
Lying on yourself following.

Your stupid love to her
And you couldn’t know that
She was cheating you
Because you stupid dumb lover
Can’t hear lies in her lovely voice
And you can’t say no to continue
Following your innocent feelings
And you will be worried oppressed
In believing her fake angelic
And your lovely feelings will be.

Your sadness and suffering
Because no appreciate
To the true loyal feelings from her
And you will know so too late
Because of your foolish feelings
You are not more than true stupid
You was cheating yourself because
True Love Blind Deaf Dumb.

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