I Love Her Poem – I Love You I Love – English Poetry

I Love Her Poem – English Poetry

I Love Her Poem

I’m here my love 
I never left you
Or you left me
I never said or thought
I stood crying at your grave
When you have to left me
When we were young
In cruel savage conditions
Your beautiful remembers.

In that few happy days
My lovely grave
I never leave it
I’m always with you
You always with me
By your lovely shadow
Talking to me
Talking to you
As we were in happiness
I check you
And you answer me
I’m fine as always
And if you asked me.

I said in white lie
I’m ok don’t worry about me
I never tell you
I’m still crying
Feel pains suffering
Because of your going away
I still use Hero nickname
That you used call me
When you saw me
Hero my love Hero
Hero who failed
To continue live
With you only his love
Who still remember you
Never gave his heart
To any girl after you
He still says I love you.

Looking to the sky
And says I love her
I’m that sad Hero
Who live in the loneliness
With the love to you
Meet you in the love dreams
Who remembered you
In his poetic works
Who still call you
In his poetic words
My young beautiful angel love
As he remembers you
As you were before
Your sad departure
I lost my faith
After I lost you
With my fears
That you are suffering
Or you are feeling pains
Because the souls
Suffer in pains after
They have to leave each other
Because I know.

You my half soul
I feel you
As if I’m You or You Me
But sometimes
I look to the sky
With little hope
In some of her mercy
To give me the chance
To be with you again
And I’ll continue say
Even my close leave
I love you I love her.

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