Mother Day Poem – Hey Mother – Poem on Mother

Mother Day Poem – Hey Mother

Mother Day Poem

Hey Mother,
Come rest for a while,
Put your chores aside,
Sit beside your child.

Hey Mother,
Rest hands of thine,
Let them stroke with affection,
On the head of mine.

Hey Mother,
Leave your worries behind,
Lets recall the memories,
That swept away with time.

Hey Mother,
Let’s sit by the sea,
Talk about the days,
You spent with me.

Hey Mother,
Rest my head on your lap,
The 2-year-old in me,
Waits for your pat.

Hey Mother,
All the very while,
I expect you besides,
With your sweet smile.

Hey Mother,
Spend some more time with me,
Before you become,
Just a memory.

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