Exams Accomplished – Poem on Exam – Poem on Examination

Exams Accomplished – Poem on Exam Exams Accomplished 2 weeks ended, Of the exam stress, Depressing and irritating, Creating a mental mess. Memorizing several points, Caused huge writing capers, Sucking away the time, In Commerce, FC papers. Long broad answers, The EVS Paper demands, Capturing my precious marks, In its lengthy remands. Economic markets, Pricing

Once Upon A Time – Time Poem – Time Poetry

Once Upon A Time – Time Poem Once Upon A Time Many centuries ago, Dwelled several dinosaurs, Ferocious & huge, Involving in food wars. Creating havoc, Hunting other reptiles, Killing them brutally, Feasting on their lives. And then came the phase, Getting dinosaurs to an extinction, A new beginning, For the human civilization. As and

God Poem – God Oh God – Poem in English Language

God Poem – God Oh God God Poem This techie world, Is governed by a powerful lord, The immortal, the omnipresent, The divine “Mr. God”. “God”, a heavenly word, Clicking everybody’s sense, Spreading sheer calmness, A peaceful quite presence. Troubles when people face, God is severely remembered, To get freed from problems, Lot’s of rituals