Poem on Beautiful Girl – I love You – Love Poem for Her

Poem on Beautiful Girl – Love Poem for Her

Poem on Beautiful Girl

Bonnie loved you
from the first sight
You so lovely cute
Your beautiful eyes
Your lovely face
Your beautiful lips
Your lovely body
As if you are collected from
Every most beautiful
We can see it ever
In our life’s
You the beauty Bonnie
As the most lovely girl
In all the world.

You so tempting
My love to you so craving
Bonnie my true adore
I promise you in the name
Of the true love
I want you so much
I hope to be with me
All our life
With the true love forever
Who I love the true love
Bonnie I love you
Come to me I want you
Promise me you will be with me
With your true love loyalty to me
Bonnie my heart feels love pains
Because of his true love to you.

Be mercy on my heart please
Who don’t deserve you torture him
More in your adore
By your cruel ignore
Let your heart feels the true love to
My heart as he feels love to you Bonnie
You deserve the chance with true love
That I give to you in honest and respect
Accept it Bonnie please
Who I love more than the love.

Bonnie I love you
Let all the world know
My true love to you
Bonnie kneel in front
Of my true love to you
Obey it by your true love to me
Swore that you be will loyal to me
By the name of your true love to me
In the front of the world as witness
On your swear as I did before
To you lovely Bonnie
my true adore more and more.

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