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Who I Am Poem – Question Poetry

Who I Am Poem

Come to me come who I love
I can’t stop think or dream in you
In it only I can see you
With my innocent love to you
And you make me more sad
When in my real I can’t find you
I’m more sad more angry
More tired more suffering
My heart more feelings pains
My soul more sick in missing you.

Even I can’t look to you l see you
Even you not with me far away
I am thinking dreaming in you
Even you don’t want me I want you
Even you don’t love me I love you
Who Are you Who I am
You are my angel love my real love
My heart adore you my soul mate
I’m your loyal honest lover
My heart can’t stop loving you
My soul cant stop worship you
You are so kind so polite
So recpected so full goodness.

You are angel as human girl
I’m unfortunately who his love
Pains his heart torture his soul
I can’t feel happiness any more
My missing you capture me
By feeling sadness in missing you
I can’t know girl now and can feel
That she is as you not any girl
Even feelings love will be fake
If it’s not to you my angel love
I can’t think in any girl exept you
I can feel love to only you.

My poetic words stop in my minds
Only can express in my poetic works
My love to you only who I love
I know you are not to me
Is written in my destiny lines
And I don’t have hope
To you love me or want me to
You be with me My love life
Maybe this will be enough
Before I disappear away
In the far dark cold
You know my real innocent
Real love feelings to you
And then forget that you know it.

Forget me ignore my feelings
All I want you be happy comfortable
Exist your hope dreams life
And for me I accepted my destiny
I accepted to love you without hope
In my waiting to reach my point end
Without forget that I can know
Before my time comes to I go
Who you are Who I am.

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