Determination Poem – Wrong Is Not Wrong – Life Poem

Determination Poem – Wrong Is Not Wrong

Determination Poem

Hey Right!
Can you sing a lovely song?
Except wrong,
How can you sing that lovely song?

Hey The Rich!
How did you become a rich?
Except The Poor,
Are you able to become enrich?

Hey The King!
How did you get this position?
Except The People,
Will you get anywhere such as position and inspiration.

Hey Day!
How does you come?
Please tell me some.
If night doesn’t go,
How will you come?

Hey Prostitute!
Where is your institute?
Who did you put in mute?
Any gentleman did you tell ever?
“You are a cute.”

Hey Wrong!
Hey The Poor!
Hey people!
Hey Night!
Hey Prostitute!
Today you are all remain stop.
I want to see just for a moment,
Who does come to you at first to chat and to celebrate.

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