Patriotism Poem – Patriotic Poetry in English

Patriotism Poem – Patriotic Poetry in English

Patriotism Poem

What is patriotism?
Patriotism is a lovely word.
For the sake of our country,
It inspires us to go forward.

It’s glorious.
It’s not mysterious.

It’s a holy serving.
It’s not curving.

It’s a lovely image.
It’s not a mirage.

It’s a reflection.
It’s not refraction.

It’s a word of aromatic.
It’s not erratic.

It’s sacred.
It’s not hatred.

it’s an intention.
it’s not illusion.

It’s a sacrificing.
It’s not good for nothing.

It’s a duty.
It’s not pity.

It’s a greatness.
It’s not a matter of negligence

It’s God gifted.
It’s not crafted.

It’s generous.
It’s not dangerous.

It’s an oracle.
It’s not miracle.

It’s oneself illumination.
It’s not fake fascination.

It’s a heroic passion.
It’s not exhibition.

It’s philosophical.
It’s not artificial.

It’s patriotism.
It’s not mechanism.

It’s only patriotism.
It’s not astigmatism.

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