Prison Poem – In Every Live To – Poem About Life in English

Prison Poem – Poem About Life in English

Prison Poem

I never can see
A bird not free
Is prison in cage
I know what mean
In prison to you be
After in her love
My heart is imprisoned
My soul is captured.

Oh lovely bird
I hope you free
From your prison
But for me
I can’t be free from
My love feelings to her
My love soul love
Will be with me
Forever in every all.

My new soul journey
I know your singing
Your sad crying praying
To you can fly free
Again in the sky
My poetic words
My mind sad expression
In my poetic works
About my heart pains
My soul suffering
In my love to her
Maybe you will can
Free fly in the sky again.

Maybe the sky lord will hear
Your sadness pray
And your wish be real
And your dreams
In the freedom will exist
But I’m can’t forget
My soul love to her
My heart can’t be free
From the love feelings.

How I can be free
Even my soul will be
Free from my body
She will hug my love
To her carry it
To my next live
To feel it again
And again forever
In every live to me..

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