Question And Answer Poetry – Answer Me – Question Poetry

Question And Answer Poetry – Question Poetry

Question And Answer Poetry

Where are you my God
Why you don’t listen
Why you blind.

Answer me
Why you don’t give help
To who ask you
Wher your mercy.

Answer me
Why I must fight alone
Your first black angel
Your lovely devil.

Answer me,
Why you are so cruel
Without any known reason
You created me.

Answer me
When your foolish cruel destiny
Will look at me
By mercy eyes.

Answer me
To when my eyes laugh
With my heart crying
With loosing hope.

Answer me,
How much my great God
I prayed to you
Begging your mercy.

Answer me
But you always merciless deaf
Never heard my pray
Why you hopless.

Answer me
I accepted my love destiny
My love without hope
Why I’m alone.

Answer me
I’m so sad desperate alone
Sad with my suffering
Why all this.

Answer me,
Why everyone come my life
As innocent good angel
Change to devil.

Answer me
I’m so desperate without hope
In your destiny help
Are you good.

Answer me
Why you create me in
Your savage cruel games
Of the torment.

Answer me
Who gives you the permission
To be as many
Your torment slaves.

Answer me
Why instead of giving mercy
You torture your slaves
Satisfying your arrogant.

Answer me
Can you answer my questions
Of course no answers
Why no reply..

Answer me
Why you must torture your
Slaves creatures as exam
To their loyalty.

Answer me
Of course as you always
Arrogant torture in ego
Where your mercy.

Answer me
I’m going without your answers
Waiting your new torment
Are you happy.

Answer me
Will you call your devil
Give him torture plan
To torture me.

Answer me
Why I’m always with waiting
Your new evil plan
My hard torment.

Answer me
Do you hear me God
I’m losing my faith
Can you hear.

Answer me
Can you answer me or
Your answers more torment
Without mercy.

Answer me
By giving me your mercy
I’m your weak creature
Your answer where
Answer me

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