Respect Poem – Daughter Young Sister Friend – Poem Relation

Respect Poem – Poem on Relation

Respect Poem

My destiny took everything from me
Deprived me from family and friends
I lived all my life alone for a long time
I tried to satisfy in what written to me
I said always thanks my God
And then you came to my life
Even you are so far from me
I felt comfortable by know you.

I felt the goodness and the kindness
As a young angel as a girl talk to me
And you told me that
You trust me respect me
You feel you can understand me
You feel comfortable to talk with me
You want me to be
Your big brother
Your elder friend
And I accept to be.

Your big friend brother
And you became my young sister
That I listen to her complaints
Try as I can to help her
I felt that you bless from the sky
I told you now the number
Of my sisters increased one
And you deal with me as your brother
I told you I feel happiness and sadness
And I didn’t tell you why
When you asked me I replied.

I’ll not tell you everything about me
And you began talk to me as
The sister talking to her brother
And to your complaints I listened
As the brother listen to his sister
I feel happiness in my mission
As friend brother to you
Now I have new young sister
I feel sadness because you as all
My family members so far away
And I decided to you be the daughter
That I didn’t have in this life.

I told you that the love many kinds
Yes I feel love to you but
My love to you not that love
My love as father and brother love
To you as my sister as my daughter
And I decided to you keep
My poetic legacy after me
As the daughter keep
Her father remember after his left
And my wish that I can be really
As your father in your wedding day
To take you as father to who
You choose to be your life partner
And now God and all the world.

Be my witness of what I say
You as daughter young sister to me
God bless you always
Keep you protect you
Be blessed and happy
Always all your life
Who will be always to me
Daughter Young sister friend.

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