Shadow Poem – I Am Humble Shadow – Poem on Humanity English

Shadow Poem – Poem on Humanity in English

Shadow Poem

I’m humble shadow 
In life of the suffering
To be punished
For guilt not his guilt
My guilt
My love going away
I can’t be with her
I can’t follow her
I can’t take care more
Of her my love angel
You as beautiful young angel
Alone in pains suffering
I forgot that
I stood at your grave
I lived with my love
My happy memories
With you.

My love angel
As my lovely grave
Maybe I lost my faith
Because I find difficult
To try to accept
Your sad leaving
Which I can’t accept it
But I think I’ll can say
Thanks to the sky
To give me
The poetic soul
The poetic words
I’m telling the world
About my young angel
The beauty as lovely girl.

You my love angel
My half soul
My soul mate
I’m feeling despair
I want to go
To where you are
But I can’t die
I can’t kill myself
I asked
The hell guard
To take me
But he refused
To give me the mercy
The fires of the hell.

More mercy
From my love fires
That torture my heart
Burning my soul
I love you
I love you
My love with no hope
Torment pains suffering
I’m humble shadow
In life of the suffering
To be punished
For guilt not his guilt.

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