Soul Cages – Until She Will Get Free, Poem on Beautiful Girl

Soul Cages – Poem on Beautiful Girl

Soul Cages

The body the soul cage
Even she gets free
It will be for a little time
To go back again
To new body as her cage
Again and again forever
The soul as angel
Always in fight
Against her cage abuse
And will continue as this.

Her light against his dark
Her goodness against his badness
Her kindness against his cruel
Her clean against his dirty
Her pure against his instincts
Her clear against his desires
Every good in her
Against everything bad in him
Her angelic knowledge
Against his devilish ignorance
And her fight for the enlightenment.

Wil be her hard exam to pass it
To be free from her cage slavery
To live in God heaven free happy
As angel between heaven angels
Or she will continue exist as slave
In her hell cage as her master
For his guilts she will be punished
She will be in many difficulties
And to her many challenges.

She will know the feeling pains
With many feelings sadness
She will cry more than she laughed
She will be suffer more
Than she will be comfortable
Until she will get free
From her body cage torment
Her journey will be always as this
Body born Soul suffers Body die.

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