Soul Poem – Deep Inside My Soul My Love – Love Poem

Soul Poem – Love Poem

Soul Poem

O my love!
Do you know?
My heart constantly craves for you,
My ears always want to listen to the melodious music of your pious heartbeats,
My inner self always want to feel your auspicious presence deep inside my soul,
My eyes always long for your divine glimpses,
My lazy but little crazy lips want to open only in your admiration and praise,
My nostrils always want to feel the childlike fragrance of your existence,

My each and every endeavor yearns only for you,
My foot always look for your footprints to tread upon,
My love, O my love!
Like a musk-deer I am in wanton search of yours,
Though I know you are within me, in every bit of my very existence,
You are flourishing deep inside my soul.