Soul Poem – This My Soul Promise – Poem on Promise

Soul Poem – Poem on Promise

Soul Poem

How are you
My love angel
Are you ok
I can’t talk to you
To check you
You escape hide
I can’t reach you
I love you
I respect you
I appreciate you
If you listening
You will hear my voice
From the far call you
With every letter from
Your lovely name
Call you my wishes love.

I’m so missing you
I hear in my love illusions
Your kind voice say to me
With smile in happiness
I’m fine as always don’t worry
My heart miss to hug you
With his emotions passions
To tell your good heart
With every his beat
I love you I want you
My soul from the far
Call your angelic soul
I’m so missing you
My half My twin
When you will join me
I’m as angel with one wing
I need you to complete my wings
To fly with you together.

One angel with our souls wings
In the sky of the adore paradise
I’m waiting you my mate
To be together in the love
If we cannot in this life
We will can in another live
And now I’ll stay away
With my true real love to you
Say to you sorry with my sorrows
I didn’t want you know I love you
I lied when I said you are not
My soul half My soul mate
Because I want you happy
Don’t blame yourself
Because you are so lovely
As angel who know you
Must love you must adore you.

I didn’t want to push you away
I want to continue have
The few time with my happiness
When I’m talking with you
But I failed I could not hide
My love feelings to you
I can’t know your angelic goodness
And don’t love you sorry I can’t
And you can hide escape
As you wish Not as I wish
I waited you all my life
My end my new reborn so close
Ill try to have more patient
To wait my new chance
To be with you again my angel love
I’ll try to have courage to accept.

Your far in my cruel difficult exam
And now just remember as
I love you
I respect your
I appreciate you
You my half soul
My soul mate
I’ll meet you again in our next live
To be our souls together
Our love angel with two wings
Fly in our love sky heaven
This my soul promise
My soul promise your soul
Promise to the forever end.

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