Testament Poem – The Testament of a Bagger – Life Poetry

Testament Poem – Life Poetry

Testament Poem

For the whole
Of my life
I craved for
Good health, wealth
Power and of course
For your Mercy O!
My miraculous Majesty
But the sum of my gaining
Is resting deep in
My life full of pains and miseries
But not in anger or
I am charting out this statement
Today, on this day
I am renouncing
All my credits, all my debits
I am renouncing my future
That lures me like a lunatic magician of all time once

I am renouncing all my
Education, learning, experiences
And knowledge too
Today I am renouncing my faiths, beliefs
And all my preconceived notions towards
Life, existence etc.
Today I am renouncing my own self, worth
And all other things that I could access
O! My mighty Majesty how can I forget you on this occasion?
So today I am renouncing you too
And by this decree of mine
I hold myself responsible for my fate
That is gazing at me
From the far flung stars