True Love Poem – Our True Love Real – Poem True Love

True Love Poem – Poem True Love

True Love Poem

The shadow of 
My dead girl love
I see as
Angel looking at me
From the sky
As a light
Illuminate my night
Of the dark sadness
As my love to her
My young love still
Shining in my heart.

I look to you so
Beautiful angelic shadow
I’m alone not alone
You the wings
Of the love imaginations
I can fly with you
In world sky
Of the love dreams
Together free to be
With many dreams
Of the love together
Until the dreams
Become the real
When my wishes
Will be exist
To be with you really.

My young angel
With the true real love
Forever with your
Real warmth exist
No separate no shadow
I have to continue
My loneliness with it
Every dreams imaginations
Of the love together
Wil be true real with
You only you my
Young angel love
In true real life together
With our true love real.

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