Twins Poem – My Love Twins – Love Poem in English

Twins Poem – Love Poem in English

Twins Poem

Love what is love
Many poets everywhere
In their many poems
Told and tell about love
Many writers everywhere
In their many works
Wrote and write love stories
Happy or Sad
My love feelings
Kill my wise
I love who can’t be exist
So far in my cruel unfair destiny.

My love feelings
Without logic blind
Can’t see the sad truth
Forget to remember that
That who I love can’t be found
Only in my love dreams imaginations
By her lovely angelic shadow
Which makes me more loneliness
When I miss her and can’t be real
To hug her kiss her look to her
And our hearts hugging each other
With their beats together say
I love you I love you I love you.

And our souls together breath our adore
To each other without stop forever
But my love real suffering and sadness
In my loneliness so away from her
No hope even so little to be with her
My love so big grave to my happiness
I’ll write on its huge tombstone
My Love twins Sad and Suffer.

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