Winter Of My Life Poem – My Winter Life – Poem on Winter

Winter Of My Life Poem – Poem on Winter Season

Winter Of My Life Poem

My winter life
Nights so dark long
I lost my love
Left me went away
I talk to her shadow
I call her my darling
I tell the world
About my sadness suffering
About my love torment
My winter nights
So long cold
I feel more loneliness
I can’t be with her
To hug her
By the hot emotions
To be our bodies so close
To feel the love warmth
My winter rain and thunder
My heart tears
My soul groans
On my spring life.

That gone with no back with
My young dreams and hopes
I’m waiting new life
Its spring more long
My hopes dreams flowers
Have long age
The dark cold winter
Its despair winds
Can’t kill my flowers
In the love gardens
With my poetic birds
Poems songs to my love
Who I love I’ll love.

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