Winter Season Poem – Winter Mornings I Saw – Morning Poem

Winter Season Poem – Poem on Winter Season

Winter Season Poem

In winter mornings I saw
When I’m to work go
The young beautiful girls
Going their schools everyday
Makes me misremember my young
That gone never back again
With my soul sadness groans
On my happy past memories
When I’m in my beginning
Feel that I’m the one only
So great as the world king.

Follow the young lovely girls
In near my young age
And they also follow me
I was feeling the happiness
And I was full of hopes
That all my dreams
Will be exist in future
I was so sure from this
And now I’m old alone
I pass near that young
As the memories pass
In my confused sad minds
To that happy days past.

My hope now I’ll go soon
To new life beginning again
My spring colours everywhere
The young beautiful blossoms
My young love hope dreams
Without be again disappointed
Alone with my sorrows
In cold winter mornings.

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