Wishes Poem – My Only Every Life Wish – Poem on Hopes

Wishes Poem – Poem on Hopes and Dreams

Wishes Poem

You my wish
My only wish
My good wish
My love wish
My lovely wish
My only every life wish
My hope with her
Became my disappointed
My love dreams with her
Changed to nightmares
But my love true
Will not change to hate her.

I will continue love her
Even she ignored my innocent feelings
Even she didn’t reply my talking her
Even she left me went away
My love even without hope will not stop
True love not selfish but unfair
To me in my love loyalty to her.

The true love sadness and suffering
And in this I’m in my love her
Who left me from long time
In my life beginning when I’m young
With many happy dreams as plans
To our life together with our love
But she gone away hide
In the dark destiny lines to me.

I can’t reach her she is so far
With new life with new plans
To her new young life love
And I’m alone in my sadness suffering
With my hope to can be with her
Again in another live love together
With my remember love her
My young lovely angel love
Say to her lovely shadow
You my angelic beautiful wish
My only every life love wish.

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